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2023. Working with Nature series (EU INTPA-NEAR Greening Facility)

Quick Tips: How all sectors can benefit from and contribute to biodiversity Working with Nature in Cities: Nature-Based Solutions in Urban Design and Management Working with Nature in the Water (Management) Sector Working with Nature in Disaster Risk Reduction Working with Nature in the Renewable Energy eSctor

2023. The Green Collection (EU INTPA-NEAR Greening Facility)

Aligning Hydropower Proposals to the Green Deal Aligning Desalination Proposals to the Green Deal Aligning Green Hydrogen Proposals to the Green Deal

2022. Response to Dusik & Bond:

Environmental assessments and sustainable finance frameworks: will the EU Taxonomy change the mindset over the contribution of EIA to sustainable development? Slootweg, Roel: Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal 40 (2): 99-101

2022. Impact Assessment for Corridors: From Infrastructure to Development Corridors.

Hobbs, J. and Juffe-Bignoli, D. (eds.). Cambridge: The Development Corridors Partnership Chapter 18: Jonathan Hobbs and Roel Slootweg: The Mekong River Corridor: A Critical Test for EIA/SEA Effectiveness

2021 / ‘20. QUICK TIPS on Mainstreaming of Environment and Climate Change:

Green Cities: Integrating Environment and Climate Ambitions in Urban Development Annex: Activities that qualify for Rio Markers in Green Urban Development Green mobility: Anchoring environment and climate ambitions in the transport and           mobility sector  Annex: Activities that qualify for Rio Markers in Transport & Mobility Integrating Environment and Climate Change IN and BY Digitalisation Annex: Activities in Digitalisation that Qualify for Rio Markers Integrating Environment and Climate Change in Infrastructure Projects Annex: Infrastructure activities that Qualify for Rio Markers

2021. Chapter 18. Ecosystem services in SEA - an integrating concept in a world of


In: Handbook on Strategic Environmental Assessment. Edited by Thomas B Fischer and Ainhoa Gonzalez Del Campo. Edward Elgar Research Handbooks of Impact Assessment Series.

2021. Strategic Environmental Assessment for Sustainable Development of the

Hydropower Sector.

The Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA). Arend Kolhoff & Roel Slootweg (editors); contributions by David Annandale, Matthew Corbett, Kate Lazarus, Lothar Linde, Asha Rajvanshi, François Xavier Tetero.

2021. Linear Infrastructure and Migratory Species; the Role of Impact Assessment and

Landscape Approaches

Convention of Migratory Species (Bonn Convention) in formation document (UNEP/CMS/ScC-SC5/Inf.3) in support of implementation of Decisions 13.130 to 13.134 on Infrastructure Development and Migratory Species.

2020. Transformational stories: Inspirational examples highlighting transformations towards

greater environmental and climate sustainability (link to EU)

Building with Nature: Coastal Protection that Benefits People and Nature. Latin America’s Urban Transport Transformation 2.0

2017. Cases on the role of impact assessment in mainstreaming of biodiversity:

Economic Corridors and Infrastructure Development Hydropower Development Mining Sector Regional / Spatial Planning

Published on behalf of the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment for the CBD SBSTTA 21

meeting in Montreal, December 2017

2017. Global state of the application of biodiversity-inclusive impact assessment

R. Slootweg - Report for the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity Information document CBD/SBSTTA/21/INF/13

2017. ESIA and SEA for a Responsible and Inclusive Mining Sector

R. Slootweg - Case document for the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment

2016. Ecosystem services in SEA: are we missing the point of a simple concept?

Slootweg, R. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, 34: 79-86.

2016. In-creasing the Policy Impact of Ecosystem Service Assessments and Valuations

- Insights from Practice.

Berghöfer A, C Brown, A Bruner, L Emerton, E Esen, D Geneletti, M Kosmus, R Kumar, M Lehmann, F Leon Morales, E Nkonya, T Pistorius, J Rode, R Slootweg, U Tröger, H Wittmer, S Wunder, H van Zyl. 2016. Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung (UFZ) GmbH, Leipzig, and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internatio-nale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Eschborn, Germany. 31pp.

2016. Ecosystem Services in SEA for Spatial Planning.

Roel Slootweg with contributions from: Andrea Athanas, Davide Geneletti, Pamela Gunther, Mike Jones, Arend Kolhoff, Vinod B. Mathur, Mervyn Mason, Lothar Linde, Helen Nyul, Asha Rajvanshi, Ulrich Scheffler, Jo Treweek, and Ulrike Troeger, based on IAIA workshops organized by the ValuES Project IAIA FasTip No. 13.

2011.  Resilience Thinking Improves SEA: A Discussion Paper

Slootweg, R. and M. Jones (with contributions from: Alan Bond, Susie Brownlie, Mark Fessey, Marie Hanusch, Art Hoole, Leonardo Marotta, Maria Partidario, Ulrike Pröbstl, and Riki Therivel) Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal 29: 263-276 Best publication of the year award

2011. Maximizing benefits for biodiversity: the potential of enhancement strategies in

impact assessment

Asha Rajvanshi, Susie Brownlie, Roel Slootweg and Roshni Arora Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, 29(3), pp. 181 –193.

2011.  Ecoregional Economic Development: an Integrated Spatial Planning Approach.

CREM, SevS, IVM Cases document (2,3 Mb): Top-down, bottom-up? Lessons from the Upper Breede River area, Western Cape, South Africa. Rehabilitation and Revitalisation of Ex-Mega Rice Project Area in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Planning and Environmental Assessment in the Greater Mekong Subregion Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation (TWC), the Dutch Wadden Area 

2010. Biodiversity in Environmental Assessment: Enhancing Ecosystem Services for

Human Well-Being

Roel Slootweg,  Asha Rajvanshi, Vinod B. Mathur & Arend Kolhoff.  Ecology, Biodiversity & Conservation Series - Cambridge University Press, U.K. (9 chapters, 437 pages). Summary of chapters  Book review    Cambridge University Press

2010.  Biodiversity in Environmental Assessment: Enhancing Ecosystem Services for

Human Well-Being.

Roel Slootweg,  Asha Rajvanshi, Vinod B. Mathur & Arend Kolhoff 

Poster (6 Mb) for the 30th annual conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment,

Geneva, April 2010

In: 2010. Handbook of Strategic Environmental Assessment 

Sadler, B., R. Aschemann, J. Dusik, T. Fischer, M. Partidario and R. Verheem (eds).  Earthscan  Chapter 13 (pp.190 - 207): SEA and Water Management. Nooteboom, S., P. Huntjens and R. Slootweg (2010).  

In: 2010. The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Local and Regional Policy


Chapter  6. Spatial Planning and Environmentral Assessments + 2 cases (Aral Sea wetland restoration & Egypt irrigation rehabilitation), accessible through interactive TEEB map

2009.  Integrated Water Resources Management and Strategic Environmental

Assessment - joining forces for climate proofing.

Roel Slootweg. Perspectives on water and climate change adaptation No. 16. Paper initiated by CPWC and NCEA for a High-Level Panel session at the 5th World Water Forum, Istanbul.

2008.  Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Strategic Environmental Assessment.

Lessons from Influential Cases

Roel Slootweg &  Pieter van Beukering. Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment. Cases document (94 pagina's - 1,5 Mb)

2008.  Advisory Note on Strategic Environmental Assessment and Ecosystem Services

OECD-DAC Network on Environment and Development Cooperation, OECD, Paris 2007.  Beperken van de gevolgen van overstroming. Leren van mitigation planning in de Verenigde Staten. Hermine Erenstein & Marlies van Schooten NIROV / Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat  

2007 Internationale vergelijking risicobenadering Quickscan van ervaringen in het


Marlies van Schooten & Martijn Flinterman. Rijkswaterstaat Bouwdienst, 28 november 2007

2007.  Drainframe as a Tool for Integrated Strategic Environmental Assessment:

Lessons from Practise.

Roel Slootweg, Jan Hoevenaars & Safwat Abdel-Dayem.

Irrigation and Drainage 56: S191–S20.

2007. 'Leven met Bagger'. Samen met belanghebbenden komen tot duurzaam


2007 R.H. Nieuwenhuis, G.J. Ellen, A.F.L. Slob, E.F.C. Witteman, J. van Veen & R. Slootweg Bodem

17(4): 181-183.

Is bagger een probleem? 

Informatieve platen en nieuwsbrieven over baggeren in Rijnland uit de periode 2006 - 2013


2006.  Biodiversity in EIA and SEA.  Background Document to CBD Decision VIII/28:

Voluntary Guidelines on Biodiversity-Inclusive Impact Assessment

Roel Slootweg, Arend Kolhoff, Rob Verheem & Robert Höft. Netherlands Commission for

Environmental Assessment, with support from CBD, Ramsar, CMS & IAIA.

Translated in Spanish and French by the CBD Secretariat:

La Diversidad Biológica en las Evaluaciones de Impacto. Documento de antecedentes de la Decisión

VII/28 del Convenio sobre la Diversidad Biológica: Directrices voluntarias sobre evaluaciones de

impacto, incluida la diversidad biológica. Cuaderno Técnico CDB No. 26

La Diversité Biologique Dans L’évaluation De L’impact, Document De Base De La Décision Viii/28 De

La CDB: Lignes directrices volontaires sur l’évaluation de l’impact tenant compte de la diversité

biologique. Cahier technique CDB No 26.

2005.  Biodiversity in SEA for spatial plans - experiences from the Netherlands. 

Kolhoff, A. & R. Slootweg. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management 7: 267-286.

2005.  The Biodiversity Assessment Framework: making biodiversity part of corporate

social responsibility.

Slootweg, R.

Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal Special Issue on Biodiversity 23:  37-46.

(document in het Nederlands pdf 500kb))

2005.  Principles on Biodiversity in Impact Assessment

IAIA Biodiversity & Ecology Section. IAIA Special Publication Series No. 3.  ( Français ), ( Español )

2004.  Reclaiming Drainage - Toward an Integrated Approach.

Safwat Abdel-Dayam, Jan Hoevenaars, Peter P. Mollinga, Waltina Scheumann, Roel Slootweg, Frank

van Steenbergen.  World bank ARD Report No 1.

Summary in: Irrigation & Drainage Management 2005 (pdf 323 kb) 

In: 2003. International Handbook of Social Impact Assessment: Conceptual and

Methodological Advances.

Becker and Vanclay (eds). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.  

Chapter 5 (pp:56-73) : Integrating environmental and social impact assessment. Roel

Slootweg, Frank Vanclay & Marlies van Schooten 

Chapter 6 (pp: 74-91): Conceptualising social change processes and social impacts. Marlies

van Schooten, Frank Vanclay & Roel Slootweg.


2003 Spiegelproject Overdiepse Polder. Samenvatting van verkenning en advies van

bewoners en ondernemers. 

Peter van Rooy & Roel Slootweg. Habiforum


2003.  A generic approach to integrate biodiversity consideration in screening and

scoping for EIA.

Roel Slootweg & Arend Kolhoff.

Environmental assessment Review 23: 657-681. 


2002. Sociaal-maatschappelijke aspecten van noodoverloopgebieden.

Roel Slootweg & Marlies van Schooten.

Literatuurstudie t.b.v. de Commissie Noodoverloopgebieden (Commissie Luteijn).

2001.  Function Evaluation as a Framework for the Integration of Social and

Environmental Impact Assessment.

Roel Slootweg, Frank Vanclay and Marlies van Schooten 

Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal 19(1): 19-28   

Award for best publication of the year

1998. Steeds minder meer; laatste kans voor Aral wetlands 

Roel SLootweg & Eric LeGras

Natuur & Techniek (3/98)

In: 1995. Tropical Freshwater Wetlands: A Guide to Current Knowledge and Sustainable


H. Roggeri.  Development in Hydrobiology 12, Kluwer Academic Publishers (in English and French).

Case 7 (pp: 159-166). Partial restoration of floodplain functions at local level: the experience of Gounougou, Benue valley, Cameroon. Roel Slootweg. & Marlies van Schooten.

1994. A Multidisciplinary Approach to Schistosomiasis Control in Northern Cameroon.

With special reference to the role of fish in snail control.

Click for thesis Roel Slootweg + 14 scientific publications

In: 1993. Towards the Wise Use of wetlands.

T.J. Davis (ed.). Ramsar Convention Bureau.

Appndix 2 (pp: 169-180): Additional guidelines for the implementation of the wise use concept. 

Adopted as an annex to Resolution 5.6 of the 5th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties

(Kushiro, Japan, 1993)   

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