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1994. A Multidisciplinary Approach to Schistosomiasis Control in Northern

Cameroon. With special reference to the role of fish in snail control.

Slootweg, Roel Download entire thesis (247 pages; 18 Mb) Separate downloads: Table of content  1         Introduction     Part I: General background 2.        Partial restoration of floodplain functions at local level Part II: Descriptive research   3         Biology of snail intermediate hosts of schistosomiasis 4         Transmission risk through water contact 5         Epidemiology of schistosomiasis  Part III: Experimental control 6         Snail control by fish 7         Water and habitat management as a means of snail control.  8         Primary health care and schistosomiasis control  General discussion and conclusions Related scientific papers

1995. Snail control by fish: an explanation for its failure. 

Roel Slootweg.

Naga. International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management - Manila.

1995. The contribution of existing health facilities to the control of urinary

schistosomiasis in northern Cameroon.

Acta Tropica 60: 109-117. 

Scholte, R., A. Same-Ekobo, R. Slootweg, L. Bont & A.M. Polderman 


1994. An attempt to quantify the role of existing health facilities in controlling

vesical schistosomiasis in rural northern Cameroon. 

Tropical and Geographical Medicine 46. 

Slootweg, R., A.M. Polderman, J.-C. Robert & J.-P. Um

1994. The biological control of snail intermediate hosts of schistosomiasis by


Reviews in Fish biology and Fisheries 4: 67-90. DOI: 10.1007/BF00043261. 

Slootweg, R., E.A. Malek & F.S. McCullough

1993. A longitudinal study of snail intermediate hosts of trematode parasites in

the Benue valley of North Cameroon.

Journal of Medical and Applied Malacology 5: 45-59. 

Slootweg, R., E. van Rhijn, J.A. van Schijndel, M.J. Dijkstra & A.C. Colenbrander 

1993. Reducing schistosomiasis infection risks by improved drainage

Irrigation and Drainage Systems 7: 99-112. DOI: 10.1007/BF00880870. 

Slootweg, R. & R. Keyzer

1993. Water contact studies for the assessment of schistosomiasis infection

risks in an irrigation scheme in Cameroon.

Irrigation and Drainage Systems 7: 113-130. DOI: 10.1007/BF00880871. 

Slootweg, R., M. Kooyman, P. de Koning & M.L.F. van Schooten

1993. The effects of molluscivorous fish, water quality and pond management on

the development of schistosomiasis vector snails in aquaculture ponds in North


Aquaculture and Fisheries Management 24, 123-128. 

Slootweg, R., P. Vroeg & S. Wiersma

1992. Mosquitoes and malaria transmission in irrigated rice-fields in the Benoue

Valley of Northern Cameroon

Acta Tropica 52, 201-204. 

Robert, V., A. van den Broek, P. Stevens, R. Slootweg, V. Petrarca, M. Coluzzi, G. LeGoff, M.A.

Di Deco & P. Carnevale

1991. Further observations on the distribution of Bulinus senegalensis Müller

(Gastopoda: Planorbidae) in Cameroon

Journal of Molluscan Studies 57: 487-489. 

Mimpfoundi, R. & R. Slootweg 

1991. Water resources management and health: general remarks and a case

study from Cameroon.

Landscape and Urban Planning 20: 111-114. 

Slootweg, R.

1989. Proposed introduction of Astatoreochromis alluaudi, an East African

mollusc crushing cichlid, as a means of snail control

Proceedings of the workshop on biology, ecology and conservation of Cichlids, Bielefeld, West

Germany, 24 - 27 February 1988. Ann. Mus. Roy. Afr. Centr., Sc. Zool. 257: 61-64. 

Slootweg, R.

1987. Prey selection by molluscivorous cichlids foraging on a schistosomiasis

vector snail, Biomphalaria glabrata.

Oecologia 74: 193-202. DOI: 10.1007/BF00379359 

Slootweg, R.

1984. The prevalence of Dipetalonema perstans and  Mansonella ozzardi among

Surinam Amerindians, and distribution and ecology of possible vector insects. 

Surinaams Medisch Bulletin 8: 103-111. 

Rozendaal, J.A. & R. Slootweg