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European Mainstreaming Facility

SevS provides a senior expert to the mainstreaming of environment facility, in support of EU DG for International Partnerships (INTPA), aimed at implementing the European Green Deal by integrating biodiversity, environment, climate change and disaster risk reduction in the entire INTPA funding portfolio. Tasks include review of programming and project preparation documents, ESIAs, SEAs; writing of sector guidance material (mobility, infrastructure, digitalisation), inspirational cases (green infrastructureurban mobility); contributions to trainings and workshops.    2018 - 2021 EU INTPA (through Agreco)

Infrastructure and migratory species

2021: Desk reserach on a) how CMS parties are using EIA / SEA and landscape approaches in infrastructure planning and devleopment, 2) assess existing standards and tools, and 3) compile best practice examples of measures that allow for mitigating the effects of linear infrastructure on migratory species and make recommendations on their use to the 14th meeting of the Conference of Parties. 2022: Member of the Intersessional Working Group on linear infrastructure and migratory species, jointly organised by the CMS Secretariat and the International Academy for Nature Conservation (INA) of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) with the aim to develop recommendations on the future direction of work under the Convention to support Parties in addressing the impact of linear infrastructure on migratory species. 2021 - 2022 Convention on Migratory Species (Bonn Convention)

Cybersecurity in de watersector

In het aanvullende Bestuursakkoord Water (BAW+) hebben de waterpartners zes afspraken vastgelegd over het onderwerp “cybersecurity in de watersector”.  Het ministerie van IenW heeft de regie bij de implementatie van de afspraken. Hiervoor is de interbestuurlijke werkgroep ‘cybersecurity in de watersector’ opgericht. SevS voert het secretariaat van de werkgroep. 2019 - Ministerie van Infrastructuur & Waterstaat

Horizon 2021 Green Deal and citizen science

Independent expert review of proposals in the call: “Enabling citizens to act on climate change, for sustainable development and environmental protection through education, citizen science, observation initiatives, and civic engagement” in two-stage evaluations. First round of individual evaluation; second round with online (COVID 19 measure) consensus meetings. 2021  European Commission

Dams and water transfer in the Mara River Basin - Kenya/Tanzania

On the basis of a review of relevant documentation, an assessment is made of procedural and content issues that will need to be taken into account for decision making on dam projects. A road map is provided for decision makers on (i) information needs, (ii) steps in planning an decision making, and (iii) relevant stakeholders in the process.    2020 - B4LIFE  / EU DEVCO

Twelve bridges - Laos

Member of a working group to review an ESIA for the construction of 12 bridges in Southern Laos.    2020 - NCEA / RVO

Blue Action Fund

Facilitator in developing a project proposal for ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change in the Western Indian Ocean, under the Blue Action Fund, with focus on the Rufiji and Zambesi delta’s in Tanzania and Mozambique. 2020 - Wetlands International

Bar - Boljare Highway

SevS provides a speaker in two conferences in Podgorica, Montenegro, on road construction in a World Heritage Site (Tara river), addressing applicable European Union regulations for such project. 2019 - 2020 MANS / Heinrich Böll Stiftung

Changement Climatique et EIES 

The lnstitute Francophone pour le Développement Durable (IFDD) and the Bureau Nationale pour I'Evaluation Environnementale (BNEE) in Niger are developing a guide for the consideration of Climate Change in ESIA for the francophone community. Through NCEA  SevS provides review and coaching support. 2020 - Netherlands Commission for Enviromental Assessment

Inbreng veiligheidsregio’s in Omgevingsplannen - Handreiking

tAls vervolg op de handreiking omgevingsvisies ontwikkelen de veiligheidsregio’s een handreiking omgevingsplannen: een praktisch bruikbaar en landelijk gedragen document dat inhoudelijke en procesmatige ondersteuning biedt bij het schrijven van de veiligheidsparagraaf in het omgevingsplan.  SevS verzorgt inhoudelijke, redactionele en procesondersteuning bij de totstandkoming van de handreiking 2019 - Veiligheidsregio Groningen

Werkgroep NOVI

De Omgevingswet vergt een integrale benadering voor de bescherming, het gebruik en de inrichting van onze fysieke leefomgeving. De veiligheidsregio’s willen graag een bijdrage leveren aan de op te stellen Nationale Omgevingsvisie, vanuit hun visie op een duurzaam veilige fysieke leefomgeving. SevS voert secretariaat. 2017 - Instituut voor Fysieke Veiligheid

The financial gap of SDG 14: Life below water

Estimate the costs of achieving SDG14, the existing available financial resources and the gap in resources needed to reach SDG14. Provide recommendations how to bridge that gap. An analysis of available funding sources, including national, regional, international, public and private. 2019 - WWF Norway (through Conow, Oslo)

Kampala-Jinja expressway

On behalf of the EU delegation in Kampala, carry out an independent desk review of the Kampala - Jinja Expressway  ESIA in order to answer the question whether the ESIA provides sufficient basis for drafting the Request for Proposals in a public-private design-finance-build--operate-transfer (DBOT) contract model with competitive dialogue. 2019  European Commission (via Agreco)

Strategic planning for the hydropower sector

In collaboration with The Nature Conservancy and NCEA develop an agenda on strategic planning in the hydropower sector. Activities include an assessment of synergies between TNC’s Hydropower by Design (HbD) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA); global inventory of SEA cases for hydropower; write the business case for SEA and strategic planning in the hydropower sector; write an advocacy paper for the use of HdB in SEA for hydropower. 2018 - 2019  NCEA & The Nature Conservancy

Handleiding omgevingsveiligheid mensen op buitenlocaties

De handleiding gaat in op de vraag op welke manier ook voor mensen op buitenlocaties, zoals campings, sport- en evenemententerreinen,  zo vroeg mogelijk in het proces een expliciete veiligheidsafweging gemaakt kan worden, vergelijkbaar met de getrapte benadering voor mensen in gebouwen. SevS verzorgt procesondersteuning en inhoudelijke redactie van de handreiking. 2018 - 2019  Min.I&W / VR Groningen

Energy Community Sustainability Forum (Vienna)

Invited panel member at the Energy Community Sustainability Forum: Embracing a Decarbonized Future, on the do’s and don’ts of environmental assessment for hydropower in the Western Balkan. 2019  Energy Community Secretariat

Hollandsche IJsselkering

Het stroomgebied van de Hollandsche IJssel kent een grote dijkversterkingsopgave. Op advies uit het

Deltaprogramma zoekt RWS naar een integrale oplossingsrichting voor de stormvloedkering. SevS

legt de resultaten van de specialisten bijeenkomsten vast.

2018 - 2019  RWS West Nederland Zuid

SEA for river basin and delta planning

Drafting of a ‘business case’ on the role of strategic environmental assessment for decision making in river basin and delta planning. 2018  Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment

ESIA review Sombwe HP dam (DRC)

On behalf of the EU delegation in Kinshasa, carry out an independent desk review of an ESIA for a proposed hydropower dam in the Lufira River in Haut Katanga, D.R. Congo, located in a protected area.  2018  European Commission (through Agreco)

Biodiversity and hydropower in Georgia

External international advisor to a team drafting guidelines on how to deal with biodiversity in EIA for hydropower projects 2017 - 2018  REC Caucasus / BioFIN

Handreiking inbreng in Omgevingsvisies

De Omgevingswet vergt een integrale benadering voor de bescherming, het gebruik en de inrichting van onze fysieke leefomgeving. De veiligheidsregio’s willen graag een bijdrage leveren aan de op te stellen omgevingsvisies, vanuit hun visie op een duurzaam veilige fysieke leefomgeving. SevS schrijft de handreiking voor de inbreng van de veiligheidsregio’s in gemeentelijke omgevingsvisies. 2018  Veiligheidsregio Groningen

Mainstreaming of Biodiversity

The Conference of Parties of the UN Biodiversity Convention decided to consider the mainstreaming of biodiversity into the sectors of mining, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing and processing (Decision XIII/3). SevS produces practical case documents on the role of environmental assessment, co-organises side events at SBSTTA and CoP, prepares draft text proposals for the convention secretariat and develops a fundable plan for capacity development in ESIA and SEA. (Start 2017) 2017 - 2018  CBD Secretariat / NCEA  

Team Watertekorten

De droge zomer van 2018 leidde tot feitelijke watertekorten (fase 2). Het team watertekorten van RWS-WNZ overlegt, ter  voorbereiding op het regionale (RDO) en landelijke overleg (LCW),  welke maatregelen mogelijk getroffen kunnen worden voor een rechtvaardige verdeling van het zoetwater in het beheergebied. SevS maakt het situatie rapport van de bijeenkomsten. 2018  RWS West Nederland Zuid

Evaluation Trondheim Conferences

The Norwegian government, in collaboration with UNEP, organises the tri-annual ‘Trondheim conferences’, in preparation of the Conference of Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity. SevS contributes to an evaluation by Conow and Scanteam in Oslo and present findings at a high level seminar in Oslo. 2018  Norwegian Environmental Agency (through Conow, Oslo)

Review five bridges Conakry

ESIA review of a proposal for construction of 5 bridges in Conakry, Guinee.  2018  Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment

Werkgroep Omgevingswet

Inbrengen van de veiligheidsambities van Brandweer Nederland / Ghor in de Nationale Omgevingsvisie, inclusief de doorwerking in regionale en lokale omgevingsvisies en omgevingsplannen. SevS voert secretariaat. 2017 - 2018  Brandweer Nederland

IWRM and SEA for catchment planning in Rwanda

Rwanda has adopted IWRM as its key policy approach to sustainably manage its water resources.

The Netherlands supports the implementation of IWRM through a four-year programme. During the

programme, catchment plans will be developed for four Demonstration Catchment Areas. NCEA

provides support on the implementation of Strategic Environmental Assessment for the 4 catchment

plans. Stakeholder involvement and integration of planning and assessment are key points in the

coaching approach. (Start 2015)

2015 - 2018  Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment

Climate change Risk Assessment

SevS provides a senior expert on impact assessment to identify possible ways to integrate climate and disaster risk assessment in the Bank’s safeguard procedures. Also provision of content for internal IDB training workshops. 2016 - 2017  Inter-American Development Bank (via Tetra Tech USA)

10 Years of Biodiversity in Impact Assessment Guidelines

Ten years after the adoption of the ‘Voluntary Guidelines on Biodiversity in EIA and SEA’ by the Convention on Biological Diversity (co-authored by SevS), the secretariat of the convention requested to draft an inventory of the global state of the application of biodiversity-inclusive impact assessments. 2016 - 2017  Convention on Biological Diversity, Montreal, Canada

Mining and ecosystem services

The Ambatovy mining company in Madagaskar intends to monitor the ecosystem services on which the mine depends and those it influences. Effectiveness and efficiency  of mitigation and compensation measures are assessed and quantified, in collaboration with affected stakeholders. SevS provides methodological support, coaching and quality review of the outputs. 2014 - 2017  Ambatovy

Coaching on Landscape Approach

Compile principles and best practice to apply a landscape approach and recommend how WWF can use a landscape approach to ensure biodiversity conservation and landscape functions, taking into account the different roles of the organisation in various settings. 2017  WWF Netherlands

SEA and Landscape Approach (Madagascar)

Introduction of strategic environmental assessment in a landscape approach to regional development; a one-day high level workshop in Antananarivo and a three-day workshop in Ambandja, as part of the Shared Resources, Joint Solutions cooperation programme. 2017  IUCN/WWF/Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sustainable Water Fund

Review and partial rewriting of a project proposal to be submitted for funding. 2017 Ecoshape Foundation

SEA for the mining sector

Drafting of a ‘business case’ on the role of impact assessment for the mining sector. 2017  Netherlands Commission for Env. Assessment

Review Kigali wastewater (Rwanda)

Short field visit and quality review of the Environmental and Social Assessment Report of the Kigali City sewerage project. 2016  Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment

Ecosystem services in regional planning (Namibia)

After a project identification mission on behalf of the global ValuES project in 2013, SevS now supports the start-up of the ValuES Namibia project. The project aims at integrating ecosystem services into policy, planning and practice. In Namibia opportunities have been identified to enhance the contribution of strategic environmental assessment to decision making on integrated regional land-use planning. 2013 - 2016  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Secretariat implementation EU Floods Directive

The Directorate General of Water coordinates the implementation of the European Directive on the assessment and management of flood risks. SevS holds the secretariat for project team and working groups. Tasks include organisation, reporting and internal communication. 2008 - 2016  Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu

Horizon 2020 project appraisal

Independent expert in two-stage evaluations of H2020 proposals on citizens observatories. First round with remote evaluation and online consensus meetings; second round with remote evaluation and consensus meeting in Brussels. 2016  European Commission
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