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European Green Deal

SevS provides a senior expert to the mainstreaming of environment facility, in support of EU DG for International Partnerships (INTPA), aimed at implementing the European Green Deal by integrating biodiversity, environment, climate change and disaster risk reduction in the entire INTPA funding portfolio. Tasks include review of programming and project preparation documents, ESIAs, SEAs; writing of sector guidance material (mobility, infrastructure, digitalisation), inspirational cases (green infrastructureurban mobility); contributions to trainings and workshops.    2018 - 2021 EU INTPA (through Agreco)

Infrastructure and migratory species

Desk reserach on a) how CMS parties are using EIA / SEA and landscape approaches in infrastructure planning and devleopment, 2) assess existing standards and tools, and 3) compile best practice examples of measures that allow for mitigating the effects of linear infrastructure on migratory species and make recommendations on their use to the 14th meeting of the Conference of Parties. 2021 Convention on Migratory Species (Bonn Convention)

Cybersecurity in de watersector

In het aanvullende Bestuursakkoord Water (BAW+) hebben de waterpartners zes afspraken vastgelegd over het onderwerp “cybersecurity in de watersector”.  Het ministerie van IenW heeft de regie bij de implementatie van de afspraken. Hiervoor is de interbestuurlijke werkgroep ‘cybersecurity in de watersector’ opgericht. SevS voert het secretariaat van de werkgroep. 2019 - Ministerie van Infrastructuur & Waterstaat

Horizon 2021 Green Deal and citizen science

Independent expert review of proposals in the call: “Enabling citizens to act on climate change, for sustainable development and environmental protection through education, citizen science, observation initiatives, and civic engagement” in two-stage evaluations. First round of individual evaluation; second round with online (COVID 19 measure) consensus meetings. 2021  European Commission