Climate change Risk Assessment

SevS provides a senior expert on impact assessment to identify possible ways to integrate climate and disaster risk assessment in the Bank’s safeguard procedures. Also provision of content for internal IDB training workshops. 2016 - 2017  Inter-American Development Bank (via Tetra Tech USA)

10 Years of Biodiversity in Impact Assessment Guidelines

Ten years after the adoption of the ‘Voluntary Guidelines on Biodiversity in EIA and SEA’ by the Convention on Biological Diversity (co-authored by SevS), the secretariat of the convention requested to draft an inventory of the global state of the application of biodiversity-inclusive impact assessments. 2016 - 2017  Convention on Biological Diversity, Montreal, Canada

Mining and ecosystem services

The Ambatovy mining company in Madagaskar intends to monitor the ecosystem services on which the mine depends and those it influences. Effectiveness and efficiency  of mitigation and compensation measures are assessed and quantified, in collaboration with affected stakeholders. SevS provides methodological support, coaching and quality review of the outputs. 2014 - 2017  Ambatovy

Coaching on Landscape Approach

Compile principles and best practice to apply a landscape approach and recommend how WWF can use a landscape approach to ensure biodiversity conservation and landscape functions, taking into account the different roles of the organisation in various settings. 2017  WWF Netherlands

SEA and Landscape Approach (Madagascar)

Introduction of strategic environmental assessment in a landscape approach to regional development; a one-day high level workshop in Antananarivo and a three-day workshop in Ambandja, as part of the Shared Resources, Joint Solutions cooperation programme. 2017  IUCN/WWF/Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sustainable Water Fund

Review and partial rewriting of a project proposal to be submitted for funding. 2017 Ecoshape Foundation

SEA for the mining sector

Drafting of a ‘business case’ on the role of impact assessment for the mining sector. 2017  Netherlands Commission for Env. Assessment
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